USB Rechargeable Pumpkin LED Night Light with Timer

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Product Details

Brighten Your Nights with the USB Rechargeable Pumpkin LED Night Light

Bring a touch of whimsy and charm to your bedroom with our USB Rechargeable Pumpkin LED Night Light. Designed to create a soothing ambiance, this cute pumpkin-shaped lamp is perfect for children and adults alike. Made from soft, durable silicone, it offers a pleasant, comforting glow that enhances any room’s atmosphere.

Product Features

Our Pumpkin LED Night Light is packed with features to make your nights more enjoyable and restful:

  • USB Rechargeable: Enjoy the convenience of a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for constant battery replacements.
  • Timing Function: Set the lamp to turn off automatically after 30 minutes, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.
  • Adorable Pumpkin Design: The cute pumpkin shape adds a playful touch to any room decor, making it ideal for children’s rooms or festive decorations.
  • Soft Silicone Material: Crafted from soft, durable silicone, this night light is safe and comfortable to touch.
  • Dimmable Light: Adjust the brightness to suit your mood with three different light levels.

Why Choose Our Pumpkin LED Night Light?

Here’s why this night light stands out from the rest:

  • Perfect for Kids: The fun pumpkin design and soft silicone material make it a hit with kids, providing a comforting nightlight that helps them feel secure.
  • Eco-Friendly: USB rechargeable and energy-efficient, this lamp is an environmentally friendly choice.
  • Portable and Durable: Its lightweight and durable design makes it easy to move around and resist breakage.
  • Versatile Use: Whether you need a gentle light for nighttime feedings, diaper changes, or simply a relaxing atmosphere, this night light is the perfect companion.
  • Great Gift Idea: With its cute design and practical features, it’s a delightful gift for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

Enhance Your Nighttime Routine

Make bedtime a pleasant and soothing experience with the USB Rechargeable Pumpkin LED Night Light. Whether it’s in your child’s room, as a cozy bedside lamp, or as part of your festive decorations, this charming pumpkin light is sure to brighten your nights. Order yours today and enjoy a peaceful, comforting glow every night!

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Verified Buyer
Harry Bechtelar
29 May 2024 00:34

This pumpkin LED night light, let me tell, it's a fantastic addition to my kiddo room. My daughter just can't get enough of how soft and squishy this thing is. It's like her own personal stress ball - but way cooler because it lights up! And as for me I'm all about that durable silicone material they've used. You know what that means right? No worries whatsoever about any breakages or damage – perfect for those tiny hands.But wait,’s more! This isn’t your regular run-of-theill night light; it comes with a dimmable which is honestly such a game-changer. We can now easily adjust the brightness level according to our needs or mood - whether we're reading bedtime stories or simply unwinding from the day, making every moment even more enjoyable than before.And here’s another bonus point: its USB rechargeability feature. This right here saves us from the constant hassle of battery replacements – an absolute life-saver for busy parents like us who are always on-the-go! So not only does this nifty gadget provide comfort and fun for my little one but also convenience and practicality for us adults too!So yeah, if you’re looking around trying to find something unique yet functional as a night light option then look no further because this cute pumpkin LED has got you covered in every possible way.

Verified Buyer
Camille Gleason
26 May 2024 15:48

What an adorable little gem this pumpkin lamp turned out to be! It’s so lightweight and portable that I find myself moving it around the house as needed - whether for late-night feedings or simply creating a cozy ambiance in the living room during movie nights. Its cute design adds such a playful touch to any space while providing just enough lighting without being overly bright.

Verified Buyer
Oswaldo Hilpert
25 May 2024 20:47

Love this adorable pumpkin light. It's soft, squishy and adds a warm glow to my room.

Verified Buyer
Zula Volkman
23 May 2024 17:19

This little guy is just too cute! The dimmable light feature is perfect for setting the mood in any room.

Verified Buyer
Marcelle Conn
20 May 2024 15:01

I recently purchased this pumpkin LED night light as a gift for my niece who absolutely adores anything Halloween-related. She was overjoyed with her new nightlight, especially because of its cute pumpkin design and soft silicone material which she finds comforting at bedtime. As an auntie who cares about sustainability, I appreciate that this lamp is USB rechargeable and energy-efficient - definitely an eco-friendly choice of lighting.

Verified Buyer
Petra Becker
19 May 2024 05:16

This pumpkin light is amazing! It's so convenient to recharge and the timer function ensures it doesn't stay on all night. Perfect for my little one's room 🎃💡

Verified Buyer
Lorna Nienow
18 May 2024 10:32

USB rechargeable, timer included - this pumpkin night light is a winner!

Verified Buyer
Brain Halvorson
17 May 2024 14:22

What a delightful pumpkin night light! It's so soft and squishy, perfect for my toddler to hold. Plus, the dimmable feature is great for setting just the right amount of light at bedtime.

Verified Buyer
Alyce Langworth
16 May 2024 22:03

The versatility of this pumpkin lamp is amazing! I use it as a gentle light during nighttime feedings and also as an adorable decoration piece during daytime – absolutely worth every penny spent on it!

Verified Buyer
Ignacio Koss
16 May 2024 02:32

I must say, this LED night light has really added a cozy feel to our home. The warm glow from the pumpkin design is just perfect for fall!

Verified Buyer
Merle Mayer
15 May 2024 20:53


Verified Buyer
Juvenal Beahan
14 May 2024 19:04

i love how easy it is to recharge this night light. no more buying batteries 👍 also, the timer feature makes sure i don’t forget to turn it off.

Verified Buyer
Pink Nader
14 May 2024 11:39

Purchased as a gift, it was well received. The recipient loves the timer function and how easy it is to use.

Verified Buyer
Buster Luettgen
13 May 2024 06:13

Love the warm glow of this LED light. Charging's a breeze too.

Verified Buyer
Ezra Howe
12 May 2024 20:08


Verified Buyer
Randy Cruickshank
12 May 2024 07:32

Absolutely love this product! It’s so cute, soft and gives off just enough light at night without being overly bright.

Verified Buyer
Ernest Mohr
11 May 2024 18:27

The cutest nightlight ever! Perfectly safe for children due to its silicone material.

Verified Buyer
Damian Wolf
10 May 2024 14:42

Our family loves this cute little pumpkin LED nightlight. It’s fun and functional at the same time - charges quickly and lasts all evening.

Verified Buyer
Raina Ferry
9 May 2024 07:23

I never thought I'd find myself getting attached to a nightlight until I got hold of this Pumpkin LED Night Light! Its soft silicone material gives off such a comforting feel which instantly puts me at ease after long stressful days at work. The convenience offered by its timing function paired with USB rechargeability simply seals the deal for me - no more worries about forgetting to switch off lights before bed or constant battery replacements ever again!

Verified Buyer
Imogene Reilly
8 May 2024 23:29

The best part about this LED Pumpkin Night Light? No need for constant battery replacements – it’s USB rechargeable! Plus, having a built-in timer? Brilliant!

Verified Buyer
Horacio Hoppe
8 May 2024 01:37

this led pumpkin not only lights up my room but also adds an autumn vibe which i absolutely adore 😊 plus recharging via usb couldn't be easier

Verified Buyer
Melvin Cartwright
5 May 2024 15:53

I adore this little pumpkin lamp. So versatile - I can take it anywhere around the house!

Verified Buyer
Brooke Adams
5 May 2024 15:03


Verified Buyer
Alana Heathcote
4 May 2024 12:24

Such an eco-friendly choice of lighting – USB rechargeable and energy-efficient. Plus, who could resist that adorable design?

Verified Buyer
Lorenzo Lockman
4 May 2024 11:46

A delightful autumnal touch with practicality. No more battery replacements needed!

Verified Buyer
Makenzie Wilderman
2 May 2024 18:42

This pumpkin lamp has been such a hit in our house! Its cute design adds charm to any room while its rechargeability saves us from constant battery replacements – truly practical and adorable!

Verified Buyer
Murray Weissnat
2 May 2024 13:28

Got one of these adorable Pumpkin Night Lights as a gift... now I’m ordering more myself! They’re super easy to charge & have an automatic shut-off feature too!

Verified Buyer
Estrella Barrows
1 May 2024 21:38

This pumpkin LED light brings such joy every time I look at it – great purchase!

Verified Buyer
Anita King
28 Apr 2024 04:08

This pumpkin LED light adds charm to my room

Verified Buyer
Horacio Davis
27 Apr 2024 10:57

I adore the playful touch this pumpkin lamp adds to our home decor. Plus, no more worries about constant battery replacements!

Verified Buyer
Jadyn Koch
26 Apr 2024 21:14

smaller than i expected

Verified Buyer
Norbert Hilpert
26 Apr 2024 14:24

The convenience offered by this USB Rechargeable Pumpkin LED Night Light truly impressed me! With three different levels of brightness available at just one tap away, adjusting according to my mood has never been easier. Also worth mentioning is how much peace of mind the 30-minute timer brings – knowing that it will turn off automatically after half an hour ensures uninterrupted sleep every time.

Verified Buyer
Triston Johnson
24 Apr 2024 05:35

usb charging + automatic timing = pure genius!!! love how practical yet decorative this led pumpkin light is 💖

Verified Buyer
Russel Abshire
23 Apr 2024 22:14

The adorable design and practical features make this such an amazing gift! My nephew absolutely loves his new nightlight.

Verified Buyer
Madge Hayes
23 Apr 2024 01:38

What a delightful addition to our decor! This Pumpkin LED Night Light gives such warmth without being overly bright or harsh. And being able to charge via USB – that’s convenience right there!

Verified Buyer
Baron Robel
22 Apr 2024 16:28

As someone always on-the-go, having something both portable yet sturdy like this pumpkin LED night light makes all the difference in maintaining familiarity wherever I am staying overnight. It’s not only super cute but also very durable due to its silicone material. The fact that it’s USB rechargeable means I can easily plug it in using my laptop or power bank, making this little guy the perfect travel companion.

Verified Buyer
Reuben Ankunding
21 Apr 2024 17:44

The built-in timer on this nightlight is such an underrated feature.

Verified Buyer
Keyshawn Christiansen
21 Apr 2024 05:01

This little guy provides just enough lighting during nighttime feedings - so convenient!

Verified Buyer
Cletus Rutherford
20 Apr 2024 00:22

So easy to adjust the brightness level according to my mood - love it!

Verified Buyer
Darion Shanahan
19 Apr 2024 14:04

Pumpkin design + soft lighting = perfect cozy atmosphere in my home.

Verified Buyer
Naomie Johnston
18 Apr 2024 11:35

This pumpkin LED light is not only cute but also very durable. Definitely worth every penny spent.

Verified Buyer
Kenya Jacobi
17 Apr 2024 00:17

The versatility of this pumpkin lamp is something worth raving about! Not only does it serve as an excellent source of gentle lighting during late-night feedings or diaper changes; its playful design also makes for great festive decorations around Halloween time. With its eco-friendly features on top of everything else - being USB rechargeable and energy-efficient - choosing this lamp was definitely one decision I don't regret making.

Verified Buyer
Polly Lesch
14 Apr 2024 06:08

This USB rechargeable pumpkin light has made bedtime easier with its automatic turn-off function. It's not only functional but also super cute that my kids simply adore their new nightlight!

Verified Buyer
Trey Bernhard
13 Apr 2024 03:08

Adorable design, practical features - a great addition to my kid's room!

Verified Buyer
Lamont Littel
12 Apr 2024 04:50

This pumpkin LED light is not just a nightlight, but also a delightful decoration that adds warmth and charm to any room. Its adorable design coupled with practical features such as dimmable light and automatic turn-off function make it an excellent gift for anyone – from kids who need some comfort at bedtime to adults who appreciate good aesthetics and functionality in their home decor.

Verified Buyer
Lillie Schuppe
9 Apr 2024 22:11

No more battery replacements thanks to its USB rechargeability - big win!

Verified Buyer
Dewayne Wiza
9 Apr 2024 00:30

I love how this LED night light automatically turns off after 30 minutes. No more worries about forgetting to switch it before bed - it ensures we get uninterrupted sleep every time.

Verified Buyer
Dianna Donnelly
7 Apr 2024 21:38

Cute and functional; makes nighttime feedings so much easier.

Verified Buyer
Jacques Jast
6 Apr 2024 21:12

Having tried many different nightlights over the years, none have quite hit the mark like this Pumpkin LED Night Light has. It's cute enough to be left out during daytime as part of our home decor while providing soft lighting during nighttime diaper changes without disturbing my baby's sleep. Plus, its 30-minute timer ensures energy efficiency – truly a well-thought-out product!

Verified Buyer
Katrina Hartmann
4 Apr 2024 06:26

This pumpkin nightlight is soft, squishy, and absolutely adorable!

Verified Buyer
Zackary McClure
1 Apr 2024 20:59

This pumpkin LED night light has become my favorite of decor. It's so cute and the soft silicone material is comforting to touch. Plus, it's USB rechargeable which means no more searching for batteries in the dark!

Verified Buyer
Amie Okuneva
31 Mar 2024 10:52

I appreciate that it’s an eco-friendly choice of lighting – very sustainable.

Verified Buyer
Krystal Pacocha
29 Mar 2024 10:38

The automatic turn-off function ensures uninterrupted sleep every time. Love it!

Verified Buyer
Estevan McGlynn
28 Mar 2024 06:41

I love this pumpkin nightlight! It's cute, soft, and just the right size. Plus, it's USB rechargeable which is a huge plus for me.

Verified Buyer
Hunter Runte
26 Mar 2024 14:33

What a delightful addition this pumpkin LED night light has been to our home! Its cute design adds such charm to any room, and I absolutely love that it's from soft silicone material which is comforting to touch. The dimmable light feature allows us to adjust the brightness according to our needs - whether for late-night feedings or simply creating a cozy ambiance during movie nights. Plus, its USB rechargeability means no more constant battery replacements!

Verified Buyer
Alberto Barton
25 Mar 2024 07:02

The automatic turn-off function of this lamp I get my peaceful sleep every night. Truly a game-changer!

Verified Buyer
Maybelle Cassin
24 Mar 2024 10:39

Got this as a gift for my sister - she was thrilled! The adorable design coupled with practical features made it an instant hit.

Verified Buyer
Sigrid Davis
24 Mar 2024 01:02

This Pumpkin LED Night Light is not just a night; it's also an adorable decoration piece that brings warmth and charm into my space With practical features like adjustable brightness levels and automatic turn-off after 30 minutes, it’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Being USB rechargeable makes it even better as I don't have to worry about changing batteries constantly.

Verified Buyer
Consuelo Hartmann
21 Mar 2024 16:33

This LED light has become such an essential in our household now; so versatile and portable yet sturdy.

Verified Buyer
Denis O'Conner
18 Mar 2024 22:47

Love this little guy! Not only does add a playful touch to my room, but his dimmable light feature creates such a cozy atmosphere. The automatic turn-off function ensures I get uninterrupted sleep every time.

Verified Buyer
Mark Doyle
16 Mar 2024 13:43

The perfect gift idea! This pumpkin lamp offers practical features like adjustable brightness and an automatic timer all wrapped up in an adorable design that anyone would love.

Verified Buyer
Raegan Orn
15 Mar 2024 21:13

I can’t emphasize enough how much convenience this pumpkin lamp has brought into my life! It serves as an excellent source of gentle lighting during nighttime diaper changes without disturbing my baby's sleep. The fact that it turns off automatically after 30 minutes ensures energy efficiency – truly a well-thought-out product!

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