Universal Multi-Angle Adjustable Phone & Tablet Stand

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Product Details

Revolutionize Your Viewing Experience

Discover the ultimate convenience in smartphone and tablet use with our innovative Multi-Angle Adjustable Phone & Tablet Stand. Designed to cater to your viewing needs, this stand combines functionality and style, ensuring a seamless integration into your daily life. Whether you’re watching movies, participating in video calls, or simply browsing, this stand offers unparalleled comfort and adaptability.

Product Features

  • Universal Compatibility: Perfectly fits 4-7.9 inch mobile phones and 4-12.9 inch tablets.
  • Adjustable Height & Angle: Customizable up to 10 inch in height and 120 degrees in angle for optimal viewing.
  • Sturdy & Stable Design: Built on the triangle principle, ensuring your device remains secure.
  • Non-Slip & Desk-Friendly: Silicone pads prevent slipping and protect your desk from scratches.
  • Compact & Portable: Easily folds to a flat shape, making it ideal for on-the-go use.
  • Convenient Charging Access: Reserved port ensures unobstructed charging.
  • Waterproof and Durable: Made of high-quality materials to withstand daily use.


Enhance Your Daily Routine

This stand is your go-to accessory for a multitude of occasions. Perfect for home or office use, it’s a must-have for those who multitask. Watch videos without missing subtitles, enjoy video calls hands-free, or follow recipes while cooking – the possibilities are endless. It’s not just a stand; it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

Why Choose Our Stand?

What sets our stand apart is its unique combination of versatility, durability, and style. The height and angle adjustments ensure you find the perfect position for any activity. Its minimalist design complements any setting, while the sturdy construction guarantees long-term reliability. The added convenience of a charging port makes it an indispensable tool for modern life.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling, our stand adapts to your needs. Its lightweight, foldable design makes it perfect for on-the-go usage, providing stability wherever you are. Enjoy your media and stay connected in any setting.

Ready to Elevate Your Experience?

Don’t miss out on this must-have accessory. Experience the perfect blend of style, functionality, and convenience. Order your Multi-Angle Adjustable Phone & Tablet Stand today and transform the way you interact with your devices!

Note: Color and size variations may apply. Please refer to the specifications for details.

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Verified Buyer
Carter Jenkins
14 May 2024 04:35

Having gone through three different phone stands, I was skeptical, but this one stands out. Unlike the others, which were wobbly and broke easily, this stand is exceptionally sturdy and uniquely designed. Its foldable feature is a game-changer, allowing me to take it wherever I go. I'm now considering getting another one, preferably in red, to add a pop of color to my gadgets

Verified Buyer
Sophia Kim
14 May 2024 04:35

The craftsmanship of this stand is noteworthy. It's constructed from durable materials, offering a solid base for my iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPad Pro 12.9-inch. There's no hint of instability, even when I'm using both devices at the same time. The adjustable dock cradles my gadgets securely, giving me peace of mind about their safety

Verified Buyer
Blake Rivera
14 May 2024 04:34

I was pleasantly surprised by how well this stand accommodated my iPhone 13 Pro Max. Previous stands I've owned either didn't fit or were poorly constructed. This one, however, has a substantial weight and firm hinges, ensuring it stays in place. Its foldability is a bonus, easily fitting into my purse. I highly recommend it for its functionality and portability

Verified Buyer
Avery Zhou
14 May 2024 04:34

This stand is a testament to functionality and quality. Made from sturdy metal, it justifies its price. My phone, encased in a thick cover, fits snugly on the brackets. While it tends to be top-heavy when the phone is vertical, a simple adjustment solves the issue. It excels in a horizontal position, which suits my usage.

Verified Buyer
Jane Thompson
14 May 2024 04:28

I've been searching for a phone stand that's stable, flexible, and portable for my travels and home workouts. The Universal Multi-Angle Adjustable Stand fits the bill perfectly. It's great for watching movies on flights and fits nicely on my exercise equipment. However, for Zoom calls, I might have preferred a taller stand. Despite this, its design and build quality are outstanding

Verified Buyer
Michael Anderson
14 May 2024 04:28

I'm thoroughly impressed with this stand's stability. It's incredibly solid and maintains its position without any movement. The base is exceptionally steady, and the angle adjustments work flawlessly. Highly recommended for those seeking a reliable stand

Verified Buyer
Emily Rodriguez
14 May 2024 04:28

Cooking has become easier with this phone stand. It elevates my phone above the kitchen counter mess while saving space. Its sturdiness and practicality are remarkable

Verified Buyer
Sarah Kim
14 May 2024 04:28

As someone who frequently participates in video calls, I needed a stand that offered height and angle adjustments. This stand fulfills these needs, though it requires careful balancing at its lowest leg position. The reserved charging hole is a thoughtful addition, ensuring convenience during use

Verified Buyer
David Johnson
14 May 2024 04:27

I own a Galaxy Z Flip4, and this stand is perfect for it. Its sturdiness eliminates any worry about my phone falling, and its adjustability is ideal for video calls or reading texts. Initially skeptical, I now find it a worthy investment

Verified Buyer
John Williams
14 May 2024 04:27

I gifted this stand to my wife for her music streaming needs. She appreciates the color, stability, and the arm's articulation. It fits well under her monitor and is excellent for video calls. Its well-made structure justifies the cost

Verified Buyer
Lisa Brown
14 May 2024 04:27

After buying one and loving it, I ordered a second. It's stable on flat surfaces and strong enough to hold my iPhone and iPad. The hands-free feature is a game-changer for multitasking

Verified Buyer
Mark Garcia
14 May 2024 04:27

This holder is great, but my phone, with its heavy case and magnet, makes it a bit wobbly. For regular phones, it would be perfect

Verified Buyer
Amy Davis
14 May 2024 04:26

"I first purchased a white stand for my office and loved it so much that I got a black one for my bedroom. Its quality and construction are impressive

Verified Buyer
Paul Martinez
14 May 2024 04:26

I bought this for my wife two years ago, and it's been a hit. The lip depth accommodates phones with cases well. It's a popular gift choice in our family

Verified Buyer
Olivia Johnson
14 May 2024 04:26

As a live engraving artist, I needed a compact, angle-adjustable stand for filming. This stand is slim, unobtrusive, and perfect for overhead content

Verified Buyer
James Smith
14 May 2024 04:26

I appreciate this stand for its portability and storage convenience compared to my previous, bulkier one. It's a fantastic purchase

Verified Buyer
Jessica Wilson
14 May 2024 04:26

Frustrated with my old stand's loose hinges, I opted for this one due to its adjustable hinges. It's a reliable purchase, and I'll look for the same model if I need a replacement

Verified Buyer
Chris Lopez
14 May 2024 04:25

This is the sturdiest stand I've ever used. Its adjustable height and unwavering stability make it perfect for various uses, including charging and watching videos

Verified Buyer
Stephanie Lee
14 May 2024 04:25

I waited to review this phone holder to ensure its durability and strength. It's impressively strong and folds easily for travel, making it an excellent gift

Verified Buyer
Ryan Hernandez
14 May 2024 04:25

I bought it for guitar practice, but my son kept borrowing it, so I got him one too. It's incredibly well-built and versatile, earning high praise from my family

Verified Buyer
Elizabeth Torres
14 May 2024 04:25

I use this stand on my desk for various purposes, including holding my iPad as a second screen. Its many adjustment options and firm brackets make it a repeat purchase for me

Verified Buyer
Kevin White
14 May 2024 04:25

The stand's four-point adjustment and metal construction are solid. It accommodates even large, wallet-like phone cases, and adding weight to the base enhances its stability on uneven surfaces

Verified Buyer
Ashley Clark
14 May 2024 04:24

I'm delighted with this purchase! I needed something sturdy for work, and this stand exceeded my expectations. Its smooth transitions and stability are top-notch

Verified Buyer
Tyler Evans
14 May 2024 04:24

I needed an adjustable tablet stand for different lighting conditions, and this one excels in stability, flexibility, and lightweight design

Verified Buyer
Samantha Green
14 May 2024 04:24

As a busy professional, I've found this stand indispensable. It's perfect for my daily webinars and video meetings, keeping my phone securely in place. Its sleek design fits well on my office desk, and the ease of adjusting angles is remarkable

Verified Buyer
Brian Thompson
14 May 2024 04:24

I'm a chef, and this stand has transformed my kitchen experience. It securely holds my tablet for recipes, and its adjustable angles allow me to view it comfortably without cluttering the counter space

Verified Buyer
Rebecca Martinez
14 May 2024 04:24

As a mother, I constantly multitask. This stand is a lifesaver, holding my phone while I attend to my kids. Its sturdy build and easy portability make it an essential part of my daily routine

Verified Buyer
Alex Kim
14 May 2024 04:24

I'm an avid reader and this stand has become my go-to for reading e-books. Its stability and adjustability allow me to enjoy my books hands-free, whether I'm at home or in a café

Verified Buyer
Grace Lee
14 May 2024 04:23

I love using this stand for my nightly meditation and relaxation routines. It holds my tablet at the perfect angle for viewing guided sessions, and its stability ensures uninterrupted practice

Verified Buyer
Gideon Blackthorn
13 May 2024 15:20

The quality is very good, like the mechanical movement

Verified Buyer
Helena Yarborough
13 May 2024 14:13

Aready 4 Such for all of the instruments. Very durable and strong. Recommend

Verified Buyer
Ira Baskerville
13 May 2024 12:51

As described

Verified Buyer
Jolene Draper
13 May 2024 12:10

I love it. Hold my iPhone 13 Pro Max cell phone. Super good is buy. I loved it!

Verified Buyer
Knox Fairchild
13 May 2024 11:40

excellent product, and as described. can hold phone as mentioned

Verified Buyer
Magnus Elwood
13 May 2024 11:21

Excellent equipment of good size and strong texture, arrived in time

Verified Buyer
Nola Bridgewater
13 May 2024 11:01

Good quality for the price . The item is nice . The box was mashed a bit but the products it fine .

Verified Buyer
Orson Thackery
13 May 2024 06:45

Arrived, it is amazing, buy, help a lot, and even more it is super adjustable

Verified Buyer
Petra VonBrandt
13 May 2024 05:47

Very good liked... It would only be better if it were iron ..

Verified Buyer
Quentin Ashford
13 May 2024 04:41

Holds my phone well

Verified Buyer
Rosalind Farrow
13 May 2024 03:46

The product is good and I think the cohesion needs a little more vibration

Verified Buyer
Sterling Wakefield
13 May 2024 01:42

Very good, it looks fragile, but feels sturdy

Verified Buyer
Tamsin Granger
13 May 2024 00:11

Nice product

Verified Buyer
Ulysses Thorndike
12 May 2024 23:09

I absolutely love this thing. It’s heavy duty. Very durable and well worth the money.

Verified Buyer
Verity Sutherland
12 May 2024 23:03

Useful product, I really liked it and the truth has served me a lot.

Verified Buyer
Wiley Carmichael
12 May 2024 23:00

I love this phone stand. it's a really good size feels incredibly durable it's not lightweight or flimsy. it doesn't look exactly like in the picture in the picture it's like a shiny green color but here it's just like a matte green but it works really well and my phone is heavy it's a Google pixel 7 pro and it holds it without buckling.

Verified Buyer
Xenia Easton
12 May 2024 21:17

Great It just took a little bit Most liked the product

Verified Buyer
Yvette Larkspur
12 May 2024 21:02

Nice desk mobile phone holder. Has multiple sections to move to the position you desire. I placed my tablet in it also, and it did hold it up with folded sections close. Has grip pads for desk and rest area. Shipping was fast, and the description was accurate to the item received. Thank you, seller. 😊

Verified Buyer
Zephyr Barrow
12 May 2024 19:56

Excellent material... Very resistant... Thanks to the seller...!!!

Verified Buyer
Adelaide Mortimer
12 May 2024 19:20

Looks very good and the color is the same as in the picture.

Verified Buyer
Broderick Calhoun
12 May 2024 19:10

Good material. The support is firm and the plastic appears to be sturdy. Recommended.

Verified Buyer
Clarissa Redfern
12 May 2024 18:46

Very approved!! Hold the phone well, leave it at a time when we do not need to bend the neck down. I already bought two. Recommend!

Verified Buyer
Dashiell Marston
12 May 2024 17:45

it's good for the price. it's weak is certain positions. there were black dots on it when it came but overall good enough.

Verified Buyer
Elowen Thistle
12 May 2024 17:44

The material is quality, plastic, durable and stable, we need to see the durability, it fits a tablet well

Verified Buyer
Finnian Quirk
12 May 2024 16:22

It arrived on time, very satisfied with it

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